Allah says in the Quran   Wedding a time to thank Allah

“They are clothing for you and you are clothing for them”.

The word ‘clothing’ implies that partners bond in Muslim wedding is to guard, smarten, ignore the mistakes, and be self-supporting for each other.

Islam is the world’s largest religion, originated by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the 7th century AD. Islam is much more than religion. It also delivers the managerial values of governmental and communal life. Muslim weddings can be lead in different traditions which depends on the beliefs in which they are agreed.

Wedding in Islam:

Wedding a time to thank Allah, are generally organized by the parents with the wife-to-be and husband-to-be themselves taking the concluding say about who they will marry. As a gift, the husband must give the bride a Mehr after accepting the offer of marriage which will be in the form of money or gold or as she wishes. The engagement time continues till three months and if the twosome is not married by the end of this period then the engagement agreement needs to be reintroduced.

Marriage a Spiritual Responsibility:

In Islam marriage is measured as both a spiritual responsibility and a communal requirement to get wed. Thus there is countless stress on the spiritual and communal scopes of the ceremony.

Wedding a time to thank Allah, is generally a well‐appointed matter however to make it authorized only by two witnesses. Wedding a time to thank Allah, continuously recalls the essence of plainness in agreement with the beliefs of Islam.

Muslim datebook:

The Muslim datebook works on a lunar cycle so there are no permanent times for marriages. But it is prohibited to marry on the two days of Eid which occur after Ramadan is Eid-ul-Fitr and the Day of Pilgrimage that is Eid-ul-Adha. It is prohibited too to marry on the Day of Ashura which falls on either the ninth and tenth day of the Islamic first month Muharram.

Muslim Wedding Ceremony:

Once you have decided the perfect date and estimated time you would like to wed. Now you need to speak to the Imam of the mosque, or your local cleric. The gift from husband to wife is arranged as a Mehr which is an important part of the Nikkah – Muslim Marriage Ceremony (Wedding a time to thank Allah). Usually, the Muslim bride dresses sparkling and bright clothes with lots of jewelry and flowers. Her hands and feet are ornamented with Mehndi.

The groom dresses in a simple get-up either one traditional or a western‐style suit or a combination of the two. Guests should remember that enlightening clothes are not appropriate.


Nikkah for Muslims:

Nikkah is the word used for a Muslim couple who is married. Guests are also separated by gender usually. They pay attention to a marriage sermon given by the Muslims celebrating at the provision. This obliges to celebrate a Muslim wedding. In the marriage ceremony, there are no specific conditions that are very much up to the Imam’s accomplishment of the ceremonial. Some recite the Surah Fatiyah and the Darood.

The marriage official papers which include contract and certificate are filed at the masjid and the local government. Wedding a time to thank Allah, ends with a Dua for the bride and groom, families, and the Muslim communal at large. Bride and groom seated together for the first time after the meal and bride heads covered by a dupatta. The bride and groom return to the Grooms home and the ritual of Rukhsati are executed after the main ceremony.

The father of the bride requests the groom to take care of her daughter by holding her hand to the groom’s hand. As the bride enters the groom’s home for the first time as a married couple so the mother of the groom holds the Quran on her head. Generally, Muslim weddings are arranged by the parents, with the bride and groom mutually settled.

In Islam, it is considered both a spiritual responsibility and a communal to get married. The ceremony is generally a well‐joined affair, however, to make it authorized only two male eyewitnesses are required. The Muslim wedding always remembers the essence of plainness in agreement with the beliefs of Islam.

When presents are expected, hugs are big-heartedly welcomed and happiness scatterings the benches then we must recall Allah who presented all this to us in this happy time. Allah says:

 “Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought”.

Things to Follow at time of Wedding:

One should remember a few points at the time of Marriage (Wedding a time to thank Allah):

  • Anything that you enjoyed is just from only Allah. As Allah says

 “And whatever you have of blessing (indeed) it is from Allah!”

  • Always remember Allah so Allah will remember you. As Allah says

“Remember me and I shall remember you, and be thankful to Allah and do not be ungrateful.”

  • When you will grateful to Allah then Allah will give u more. As Allah says 

“And (remember) when your lord proclaimed, ‘if you are grateful, I will surely increase you; but if you deny, indeed, my punishment is severe.”

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