The way to nikah is actually a way to earn the blessings of Allah. Nikah is a Way to Earn Blessings from Allah (SWT). The matters of this world and the hereafter are set in direction through this bond.

There are countless wisdom and a lot of benefits in nikah. One can save himself from wrongdoings and sins. He cannot have any bad intents and his feelings cannot be lost.

One of the ultimate advantages of nikah that it is a way of getting benefits and rewards only. As even the interaction of both partners is better than Nafal prayers.

Nikah can be performed by just two words, e.g. if in the presence of witnesses. father says: “I give my daughter to you in nikah.” The person who is addressed answers: “I accept her in nikah.” By doing so, the nikah is legal and both are official husband and wife.

Nikah is a Way to Earn Blessings from Allah. But, if the person has numerous daughters, he has to mention the name of the respective daughter whose nikah he wants to perform.

How to perform Nikah:

Nikah can even be performed if the husband says “Give ‘name’ your daughter to me in nikah.” And if the father answer: “I give her to you in marriage.”

By saying so, the nikah will be legal regardless of his saying that he accepts or not. And if the daughter is also there and the father declares: “I give this daughter of mine in marriage to you”, and the person answers: “I accept her”, the nikah will be legal. It is not even necessary to mention the name of the daughter.

If the girl is not there, it is compulsory to state her name and her father’s name in an audible voice so that all the witnesses can hear. So that everyone knows whose nikah s going to be performed.


Importance of Witnesses:

The presence of witnesses is very important to make nikah lawful, at least two males or two females and one male must present, listen to the nikah being executed, and also the proposal and the approval of nikah being expressed.

If only two persons sit together in privacy and one says to the other: “I give my daughter to you in marriage” and the other person replies: “I accept your daughter”, the nikah will not be valid.

Execution of Nikah:

If the nikah was performed in the presence of one person only, even then the nikah will not be valid. The presence of one mail is significant, if there is no male present and even countless females are present, nikah cannot be performed. If the present males are non-Muslims, even than the nikah will not be valid. If the witness either man or woman is immature, the nikah will not be legal.

It is better to execute nikah in a large gathering like in masjid after any prayer especially after Friday. This is because the people in nikah will become aware and it must be announced and not keep secret.

However, if due to some reason the presence of many persons is not possible. Then as a minimum presence of witnesses i.e. two males or one female and two females must important. If both the man and woman are mature, they can perform their own nikah.

Again the presence of witnesses is important. One of them must say: “I am making my nikah with you”. And the other must say: “I accept.” By doing so, the nikah will be lawful. So, Nikah is a Way to Earn Blessings from Allah in this world and hereafter.

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