The word Nikah means to get together and to involve. Nikah blessings are from Allah.Hence, Nikah is completed by the common agreement of partners that is to agree to accept them as husband and wife for the whole life. Husband and wife must have the knowledge about their obligations and responsibilities which they have to fulfill in any condition. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“The nikah is my Sunnah”.

It means that to get married and completing the nikah is not only authorized way to live with your partner. But also a huge example of the Prophet. So, it brings you many nikah blessings of Allah. According to Islam teachings, when a man and woman perform the nikah than officially they are husband and wife.

Muslim Wedding:

The word which is used for a Muslim couple for marriage is Nikah. Usually the guests are separated by their gender. The guests attentively listen to the marriage sermon. This all pleases to have a good time in the Muslim wedding. So, according to Islam there is no specific conditions to complete the ceremony. Some Imam recite the Surah Fatiya and the Darood shareef. And Contract and certificate are filed at the masjid and its copy is submitted to the registrar office. These papers considered as marriage official papers.

The marriage ceremony ends with a Dua for the bride and groom that they may always bless by Allah. After the Nikah, bride and groom seated together for the first time and meal is served. After this the couple returned to the groom’s house and the ritual of Rukhsati is performed.


Rukhsati (Bride leave from parents home):

The bride father hold the hand of his daughter and requests groom to take care of his daughter.And the groom’s mother hold the Quran to the head of the bride. because she is entering with his son as a married couple for the first time.

As in Islam, we can see that marriages are arranged by the parents with the mutual agreement of both man and woman. Because as a Muslim our religion Islam teaches us that marriage is a spiritual responsibility. Nikah blessings saves us from many evil acts.

Nikah blessings:

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