Violence against women is now well recognized as a public health problem. And It also violates human rights. It is an important risk factor for women’s ill health. It has consequences for both their physical and mental health.
Islam condemns all forms of violence against women. After that, The basic premise of equality between women and men cannot be achieved this way.
Quran says:

In pre-Islamic Arabia violence against women began at birth in the form of female infanticide. Islam prohibited the practice of female infanticide. Not only did the Quran prohibit this practice. it also mocks those who view the birth of a girl child with contempt. (Quran 16:58-59).

In the name of honor:

Women are killed in the name of honor. A woman’s every action reflects upon a family’s honor. Therefore if family members view that a woman’s action is a disgrace then in order to restore that honor to him or his family he does violence towards her.
Quran says:

Another common form of violence against women is that committed by husbands on their wives. Islam requires that husbands treat their wives with respect. And it prohibits any form of physical or emotional abuse. The Quran requires that spouses treat each other with love and mercy. (Quran 30:21).

Many women become the victims of the violence due to an unconfirmed rumor passed around the community. Many men do not give women the benefit of the doubt. Then women face violence.

Islam is against Women Violence:

Women continue to be victims of the senseless wildness which exacerbates violence against women. It is ultimately the responsibility of the government to protect these women.  The government should take action against those who commit this horrible act. The cruelty that women face during times of peace, especially vulnerable during times of war. Islam condemns violence against women no matter what the circumstances are. Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ was strict in ensuring that noncombatants, primarily women, and children were not harmed during wartime.
In addition, Islam orders equality between women and men. It necessitates that all forms of brutality for women be eradicated.

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