The Quran contains many lessons from which we can benefit. Even the story of the first revelation includes lessons and which we can learn and implement in our lives. This article will discuss some leadership tips we can learn from the story of the first revelation.
As a refresher, the first revelation occurred when the Prophet (SAWW) was 40 years old. He (SAWW) would often retreat to Cave Hira for spiritual reflection. One day, the angel Jibreel (AS) revealed to him the verses of Surah Iqra. Frightened, the Prophet (SAWW) ran back to his home and sought comfort from his wife Khadijah (RA).

She then took him to her cousin, a scholar of old scriptures who gave him glad tidings, confirming that he was the chosen Last Messenger of Allah.

What are some leadership tips we can learn from this story?

Seek support from family/friends/community
The Prophet (SAWW) immediately sought help from his family when he was afraid. Utilize your support networks, whether that is family, friends or community agencies. It provides a way to grow and learn. Discussions with support networks allow new avenues to open up.

Remember your strengths:

Remember what makes you unique or have someone in your life who reminds you of your muscles. The Prophet (SAWW) at the time of revelation sought support from Khadija (RA) who told him of his qualities of truthfulness and righteousness. Having an awareness of our strengths not only boosts our self-esteem but also allows us to set goals for ourselves. Knowing our strengths enables us to prioritize and focus on things we want to improve.

Ask an expert:

Know the limitations of your knowledge and be open in seeking clarification on things you do not know. Upon hearing what occurred in Cave Hira, Khadija (RA) and the Prophet (SAWW) found the advice of Waraqah ibn Nawful, a scholar.

Get a Mentor:

The Prophet (SAWW) had Jibreel (AS) as a mentor to teach him. Good leaders have mentors who can guide and support, as well as challenge you throughout your leadership journey.

Be patient:

One does not become an excellent leader overnight. It takes time. The Prophet (SAWW) took three years before he publicly announced the message of Islam to his people. Be patient with yourself and with others.

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