Our youth are our future. To build a successful society, one must invest in their youth. What is the best investment one can make? No doubt, it is investing in their Islamic education, specifically by linking their hearts to Quran.

Unfortunately, today the relationship between the Quran and Youth has been dissipating. Of course, there are youth today who memorize and learn the Quran but there are not enough of them. Much of the youth today are distracted by social media and video games. Youth is the age wherein one’s identity is formed. In order to foster positive identity, youth should be educated in the Quran; it’s proper recitation, memorization, and most importantly it’s teachings.

How do we go about helping our youth to link their hearts to the Quran?


It is important to expose youth to the Quran in their everyday life. Quran should not be only recited or heard at the mosques. It should be part of your everyday life. Once it is made part of daily life of the home, the youth will develop a link with the Quran. This would involve playing the Quran in your car as you drive with the youth. You can play different reciters and talk about recitation styles or choose reciters which are easy to follow along with and pause after some verses/chapters to reflect on certain points. Audio repetition would also encourage memorization.


Children and youth learn through modelling. If they see you reading the Quran with zeal and enthusiasm, they are likely to follow suit. This is a rather simple way in which the link between Quran and youth can be strengthened

Positive Mentor ship

This involves connecting with the youth at a deep level and fostering relationships based on non-judgement. Many of our youth grew up not having a close relationship with the Quran and they struggle to read or recite properly, causing them a sense of embarrassment. One needs to provide a supportive and non-judgmental space for youth to learn the Quran so that they can love the Quran.


Reflect on the Quran

A good idea is to set time to sit with your family and discuss age appropriate lessons and critical issues for daily life through the Quran. For example, stories of the Prophets, description of Jannah, the purpose of life, etc. You can also follow this up by developing goals. This teaches the youth to consult the Quran and contemplate on its meanings.

Share beneficial digital tools

We are in the age of technology and it is the youth who are in the forefront of this. Because technology plays such a large part in the life of a youth, introducing Quran apps allows easier access to the Quran and reduces the gap between the Quran and youth.

There are several ways one can link the Quran and youth and I have mentioned a few of them. It is important to note that not all youth are the same so what may work for one may not work for the other. Again, it comes down to taking time to foster that relationship so that you can cater to their needs. Youth require a space where they can work towards building their identity without fear of judgement and it is up to us to provide that space for them.

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