In old times marriages were arranged in closed family networks, same caste, and neighbors. People then started the migration. Due to the geographical gap, it became difficult to find life partners. Similarly, the development of science and technology made it difficult.

People started interacting through the internet, and media. Among all these, different sites started connecting people. for friendship, love and professional networks, and finally marriages.

Hence matrimonial sites started providing services of marriage very efficiently. On these sites, partners can interact according to their requirements. Although, sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc also allow interaction between opposite sexes. however, the advantage. of matrimonial sites is that these sites do verification of members. The chances of fraud. and cheating is minimized.


Although matrimonial sites are providing very good services so he/ she should make proper research before giving approval for marriage.

For example information about a person’s education. job and family are important. Hence instead of relying only on the information provided, proper research should be done. But these sites. are doing best for those who do not have sufficient time. and resources to interact. with them in real life.

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