Assalam o Alaikum all the sisters in Islam. Hope you all are doing fine. Today I was in the kitchen, cooking the meal for my family. While I was stirring the spoon in the broth, I was cooking, and I was feeling so bored standing still near the stove, continually moving just my arm. Then I thought there must be something fun or productive while I cook. So I just hit upon to share those ideas with you guys, that what good, prolific acts you can do while you are preparing. Especially, how to use this time to make as well as please ALLAH. Something energized me, so here you go with a few useful tips about productive cooking.


How to use the same time to cook as well as to please ALLAH? Pretty easy. It thinks this is the first most and essential most tip for productive cooking. Just keep reciting durood while cooking, or you can quote Astaghfaar also, or any short dua! It wouldn’t take much effort but would please your Lord that you kept Him in mind even while you were busy doing your worldly routine stuff.

Beauty Treatment: Productive cooking

While cutting vegetables for the meal to cook, just cut an extra piece of tomato, and rub it on your hands and face when you are stirring the plants on the stove. If you squeezed lemon in food, do not throw off the peal, rub it on your face and hands. Same you can do for cucumber you are cutting for salad . or if you have milk, take a spoon or two of it an apply on skin, for milk cleansing. If you are a working woman or a housewife, it doesn’t mean you don’t have any right on yourself, neither Islam stops you from being beautiful. In this way, you would not have to get extra time for your skin care (which you never understand).

Clean the kitchen

While the meal is not ready yet, and you are tenderizing it, spend this time in cleaning your kitchen. Maybe your microwave oven or any kitchen cabinet needs your attention for detailed cleaning, but you never got free time enough to clean it properly. Mainly, keep cleaning your work area, putt all things back as you use them, all those plates, bottles of salt and pepper, etc.


Wash the dishes

The most useful tip for productive cooking, Keep washing the utensils as you use them while cooking. Make it a habit. For example, if you used a plate to while peeling potatoes or you used the chopper to chop onion and garlic, or any bowl to beat eggs, wash them immediately as you empty them. Don’t wait for soiled dishes to pile up for you.

Above all those tips, one crucial thing worth mentioning is, that don’t get so much indulged in these extra tasks while cooking, so that your food keeps burning on the stove and you couldn’t even smell it you keep on scrubbing your face with tomato, and forget to add salt. Your concentration must be towards cooking. And try not to leave the kitchen while cooking and doing any one of the above tasks, this reduces the chance of forgetting your food on the stove. That is why I mentioned those things only, which you can do inside cooking while not leaving your food unattended. These are the things I do while cooking, what you do ? do share with us what you do while cooking.

May Allah give more taste in your hands and reward you for the efforts you do for your family, accept your prayers and forgive your sins. Remember me in your prayers.

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