As a support to the marriage, the parents also play an important role in helping and guiding the married couple. The responsibility of the parents is that they should use their wisdom and experience to guide them through the hard times. To support them when needed, but at the end of the day, it is not their marriage. It is not for them to interface and makes unreasonable demands.
The beginning of a marriage is very important; therefore we should strive to do everything to win the pleasure of ALLAH. The responsibility of the parents is that they have to ensure that taqwa is the most important ingredient in the marriage of their children. Some parents get blind by materialistic things rather than seeking a nice pious person for their child; right from the beginning, they have put a good job, money, position, etc. before ALLAH thereby, straightaway they are giving their child the wrong message.
Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said:

“When a man has married, he has completed one half of his religion”.

Parents Rights:

Parents love their children and wish to see them eternally happy and blessed. They also have enormous rights and responsibilities upon their offspring. Adult children need their parents to find a good match for themselves.
This is the major responsibility of Parents that they should not possess the Islamic right to dictate every minor issue to the marriage of their adult son and daughter.
As we know that the person who has the greatest rights over a Muslim is the mother.

However, despite the greatness of a mother’s rights. She has some responsibilities that she should not be obeyed if she is causing damage to her daughter’s or son’s marriage.

The fatwa team under sheik salih Al- Munajjid warns:

“The mother whose daughter has got married should realize that it is not permissible for her daughter to give precedence to obeying her mother over obeying her husband. And she (the mother) should understand that it is not permissible for her to interfere in her daughter’s life after marriage, unless she is asked to intervene, in order to bring about reconciliation, or to offer advice and guidance.”

Many times the parents do not consult with their children to find out what kind of partner they want for marriage. Therefore the parent’s choice is completely incompatible with that of their child. So the problem could develop, as they have different outlooks, goals and the marriage could break up. This is the parent’s responsibility to speak to the children first, find out what they want, allow them to discuss with their prospective.
So these are some of the responsibilities of parents on the issue of the marriage of their adults. Parents should support their children in their marriage for taking decisions.

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