My ideal muslim husband, in my dreams I have seen
Marriage to him is a way to complete his Deen
Wearing the Beard for his Lord, to please and obey
Running towards Masjid for SALAH five times a day
He Prays mid night prayer and makes sure to wake me
Striving during day, earning Halal to feed me
Lowers his gaze with firmness to avoid evil desire
Just because he fears Allah(saw) and the Hell fire
He Shares my thoughts with clear and strong mind
Asking for my advice in any difficulty he would find
Together, we both will turn to Allah (saw)
to ask for His(saw) beneficence and remove the hard
When opens his mouth, he says words which are the best
Measuring all options before denying anyone’s request
Togather, we will take care of each other and family too
We will be knowing that Allah is seeing us through
He will Love Allah(saw) and Muhammad (PBUH) all of above
We will always be thankful to Allah(saw) and adore His (saw) love

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