The affection which Allah created in the hearts of two spouses is one of the best things for the people who understand each other. This is the foundation on which married life should be built. People can look at this aspect of Allah’s creation and remind of the greatness of Allah’s work and power. The relationship between spouses should be one of affection, compassion, and mutual understanding. Affection means love. A man keeps a woman either because he loves her or he feels compassion towards her.

“And among His signs are that He created for you from your selves mates that you may attain calm unto them and He placed between you affection and compassion. Surely in that are signs for a people who reflect.”

( Sura Ar-Rum: 21.)

Relationship of husband and wife and Islam:

If husband and wife do not find this in their relationship, then they need to focus on the fact that to which extent they are practicing Islam. Each of them focusing on the completeness of Islam and carefully maintaining their obligations toward one another, instead of focusing on their faults, Affection or compassion will be found.

He is the one who created you from a single soul. and made from it its mate that he may attain calm unto her.

( Al-A’raaf: 189 )

It is amazing that two people may only have seen each other for just a few minutes prior to being married yet deep love and affection are installed in their hearts for each other.

One of the greatest means of attaining happiness is kindness, a cheerful face, and a gentle word.

Giving and receiving care communicates your emotions to those most important to you. Affection can express care and communicate emotional warmth. When relationships consist of healthy levels of affection, they are more likely to be stable.

Allah is the one who controls the hearts and it is from He whom we should ask for a good spouse.

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