In Islam marriage is considered a social obligation. Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) admire this act. Wisdom of Marriage is a natural relationship between a woman and a man. In Quran, Allah stated,

“Glory to Allah Who has created in pairs all things that the earth produces as well as their own human kind”.

The first wisdom of Islamic marriage is that it protects morals of people. Islam forbids adultery and fornication. It compels both man and woman to discipline their natural desires in a way which protects them from indecency. That is why the Quran mentions the marriage contract (Nikah) by the word of ihsan. The man who contracts a marriage is Muhsin and the woman who marries him is a Muhsinah. Both man and woman build a fortress in the form of marriage to protect their morals. This is an objective for which every other motive can be sacrificed but which itself cannot be sacrificed for any other objective.


The second wisdom of Islamic marriage is that the relationship between both the sexes should be based on the mutual understanding, love, mercy and kindness for each other so that they enjoy that comfort, pleasure, peace and happiness the attainment of which is vital for a vibrant and happy society.

The Quranic Verses clearly reflect that the purpose and idea of marriage is love, mercy and kindness. As in Quran,

Among His Signs is that He created mates for you from among yourselves that you may find rest in them and He has put love and mercy between your hearts.”

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