Is this the right age to get married?

This question comes to mind many times. Why Islam suggested getting married soon after puberty. There is wisdom behind it. Teenagers are the biggest victims of this scenario.

How to guide them on the right path. When to get to know that this is the right time right age to get married. Is Nikah the ultimate solution of all sins? To answer the entire question first we should know what is Nikah?

Nikkah is a word derived from Nikah Writer which means “to absorb”.

Nikah is a barrier that protects you from sins. Nikkah is not something between two people or two families it’s the total change of lifestyle.

Unsuccessful Nikah:

Nowadays basic requirements for marriage are money, a settled spouse, beauty, etc. So, these requirements are the primary reasons for unsuccessful nikah.

“A nikkah started with the foundation of facial beauty, Richie rich status, the settlement ends up when beauty fades, poorness starts, settlement finished.”

These criteria make many lives miserable. The ones who are not beautiful, not settled, and not rich but have huge money of IMMAN are getting ignored. Society called them out of fashion. Spouse is not a credit card when you need money, in fact, it’s a support system when everyone left you they are there to support you.

The past doesn’t matter if you are ready to change the future by choosing the right path. One can change their life just by changing their criteria. Change your attitude towards life aim high to expect less. Life is nothing more than a roller coaster ride. Choose your partner wisely. And if you find them be in nikah as soon as possible.

Requirements of Nikah:

Nikah in Islam is so easy the requirements are the following:

  • Both parties should agree to this act. As mentioned in the Quran:

“O believers! You are not permitted to inherit women by force” (4:19).

  • Our Prophet (SAWW) tell us the three criteria’s to choose a spouse:

“Imaan, status, beauty” and indeed the Imaan is the best criteria.

Nikah is not a formality only but it’s a sunnah that shows its importance very well. To be in love is not haram but what you do with it is what makes it halal or haram.

Nikah is a Blessing:

Nikah is a blessing, and ALLAH gives barakah in it. Zina is a curse, stop yourself from Zina and be Nikah Halal as soon as possible. Because Shaitan is waiting for you to commit sin and he is constantly trying to trap you in a world full of sins. Strength your army against him and be in the shelter of nikkah.

As in Sahih al-Bukhari

“O young men! Whoever is able to marry should marry, for that will help him to lower his gaze and guard his modesty.” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Away from Great Sin:

So to won this fight against Zina we have to make our youth our teenagers well educated about nikah. We have to teach them what’s halal what’s haram and on what criteria they should choose their partners.

So, Teach your children to make a difference. Change your life following Islam. Because marriage is one of the biggest decisions of life make it wisely and in time. Stop sinning start repenting.

Last but not least make marriage simple and Zina costly to make the society free of sins. Make your wedding pure. May ALLAH Subhan wa’Tallah bless you with all HIS blessing (Ameen).
Say no to Zina and make Nikah Halal.

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