One of the major misconceptions about Islam is child marriage i.e. the age at which a person can get married. Islam has given a clear system for marriage, that is useful in all times and ages. In Islam, the natural age for marriage is puberty. At this age, a man or women both are able to take their decisions on any matter including marriage and are also responsible for their deeds.  child marriage

But the maturity of a person is not necessarily dependent on it just because the body is ready. Time and society actually define the maturity of a person. The changes in culture and social norms do not change the laws of Islam. Islam gives a standard that can be applied at all times. Every country has a right to consent to the legal age of marriage that should be based on maturity and other social factors. But it must not be lower than the age of puberty. child marriage

Whereas Islam permits marriage before puberty if it serves a dire need, but this marriage represents nothing more than an agreement of being husband and wife until both of them reach marriageable age.

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