In Islam there is a proper marriage ceremony which include both the religious ceremony and the legal requirements of the law of the land. It is in Islam that marriages are to be ‘made in heaven’ between ‘soul-mates’ destined for each other; and celebrated on earth. Therefore, it is important for both partners to do their utmost to make each other happy and satisfied in every respect. Truly practicing Muslims will keep the rules, and may only have one partner in the whole of their lives.

For Islamic Marriage Ceremony, it is commendable if women can be taken care of. they make efforts to settle themselves with respectable husbands. Frequently Muslim marriages are happy, even sometimes if the couple have not seen each other before the marriage. but have faith in the decision of their parents to organize a good match for them.


But, it is suggested that future spouses do see each other, and have a guardian or Wali to make restrained inquiries that the marriage has a good chance of success. The Islamic marriage ceremony is consisted of Nikah, Mehr and Walimah.


The very first, simple and most important religious ceremony is Nikah. In this ceremony a man and woman declare their commitment to one another as husband and wife. It is a holy contract to which both must agree and it is considered an act of worship. In the very simplest form of the ceremony, bride is offers by the Wali to the groom who then agree to take.

The Wali might say: “I give you my daughter in my guardianship in marriage in accordance to the Islamic Shari’ah in the presence of the witnesses here with the mehr agreed upon and Allah is our greatest witness.” The husband answers with: “I accept marrying your daughter giving her name to myself in accordance to the Islamic Shari’ah in the presence of the witnesses here with the mehr agreed upon and Allah is our greatest witness.” The formality is then complete.

“And give the women (on marriage) their mehr as a (nikah) free gift.” [Quran 4:4]

Being a religious ceremony, there is no necessity to have nikah in mosque. It’s all about individual choice. Though, it’s compulsory to have a separate civil ceremony. Men and women are not allowed to sit together before nikah.

Nikah is the agreement between both individuals, two witnesses and the imbursement of mehr. Some things also important to the nikah are the presence of the bride’s Wali. a written marriage contract signed by bride, groom and their witnesses, an Imam, a sermon to bless the marriage.

This agreement papers are documented in the mosque and listed with local government. The marriage would not be accepted under British law without this agreement and the authorized moralities of the partner would not be legal.


Mehr must be part of the marriage contract as mentioned in Quran. The groom gives mehr to his bride as an evidence of his obligation to her and to as long as for her. It can be money or property. There is no particular amount for it.

“And give the women their dowries as a free gift, but if they are pleased to offer you any of it accept it with happiness and with wholesome pleasure.” [Quran 4:4]

There is a choice for groom to pay the mehr before marriage or at the time of marriage or later date as decided with his bride. The mehr can even be suspended open-endlessly. But, it will convert due directly in the case of separation or passing off. The extent and procedure of expense is written into a marriage contract which is signed by the bride, groom and their witnesses.


By tradition, the wedding meal is arranged by the groom after nikah. It can be on the same day or on the following day or on the following week, but the aim of the meal is for family and friends to share in the couple pleasure on the event of his marriage and to give thank you to Allah Almighty. It is recommended not to spend access amount of money on Walimah.

Islam highlights self-control and it’s practical to have this in mind. Starting the married life with a vast loan, or to load the relatives with loan, owing to an excessive Walimah, is not likely to give you the greatest start.

“But waste not by excess, for Allah loves not the wasters.” [Quran, 6:141]

It’s a time to rejoice the pleasure of the newly married couple. The Walimah gives chance to family members and friends to praise and congratulate the couple. The newly married couple are also offered with gifts.

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