Islam, unlike other religions, attaches great importance to the topic of marriage. In the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith of Rasulullah (SAW), we find that marriage is important and greatly encouraged. Prophet (SAW) said,

“ No Institution of Islam is liked by Allah more than that of marriage”.

Nikah Means:

Nikah is an Arabic word used for the wedding. It means “contract.” The Qur’an especially refer to marriage as “ Mithan Ghaithun,” which means a “substantial agreement,”

“ and they have a firm pledge ( Mithaqun Ghalithun) from you?” ( 4:21)

The seriousness of this promise becomes very evident when one notices the same term, i.e., Mithaqun Ghalithun, being used between Allah (SWT) and the Prophet for the agreement, before bestowing upon them the responsibility of Prophethood. ( 33:7) The Qur’an also uses the wordHis meaning “fortress” for marriage. Therefore marriage is important and considered the fortress of chastity.

Marriage is Religious Duty:

Marriage is a religious duty and is, therefore, a good safeguard, as well as a social necessity. The primary purposes of marriage in Islam are firstly acquiring a comfortable ambiance for the husband & wife and secondly creating a new generation of faithful, healthy, and virtuous offspring. About the first purpose of marriage, the Holy Qur’an says

“One of HIs signs is that He created for you spouses of your own species, so that you may find comfort with them. And put mutual love and affection in your hearts. Surely in this, there are lessons for the thinking people” (30:21).

  • Source of Comfort for Each other:

A Muslim husband and wife who follow the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the sayings of the Prophet (SAW) should always be a source of comfort for each other. Their relationship should reach a level far above that of mere sexual enjoyment and should reach the level of loving friendship accompanied by mutual kindness.

About the second purpose, the Holy Qur’an says

“ He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He had given you partners from among yourselves and, similarly, made the cattle also males and females, by this means He multiplies you. Nothing can be compared to Him, He is All-Hearing, the All-seeing.” (42:11)

  • Morality:

Morality is the second principle of marriage. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said

“ As soon as a suitor, who is religious and who has manners that satisfy you, comes to you asking for a matrimonial alliance, take action to conduct marriage with him. If you do not, you will have deviated from the right path, and may be faced with a great crisis.”

  • Economic Competence:

The third principle is economic competence. A Muslim man must be able to provide a means of living with his wife and children, even if his wife is wealthy, or earns. The fourth principle is compatibility and similarity in the ideas and goals of the husband and wife.

Muslim men and women who follow the straight path of Allah, implementing the Divine Law and Justice, recognize marriage is important to be as one of the Divine laws. Once this blessed union is established, the Muslim community begins to emerge. A good and happy married life can be achieved if the partners understand the concept of human marriage. They must be kind friends, and faithful partners, consider it necessary to cooperate with each other in every aspect, refrain from haughtiness and arrogance in their mutual association, and finally, most important, respect their rights and try to please each other by obeying Allah in very aspect of their life.

Islam teaches us to be responsible for all our decisions and actions. The Holy Qur’an and the sayings of Rasulullah (SAW) always remind Muslims of their duties and obligations to one another. The practice of these teachings begins at home, within the members of the family.
Rasulullah (SAW) said,

“ When a person marries, he has completed half of his religious obligations.”

Therefore Islam had made life easier for us, and by practicing our Deen. We will become closer to Allah (SWT), and marriage is important as it is just one of the very few things that will make us real human beings and better Muslims.

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