What is Mahr?

The concept of mahr is purely Islamic. and mahr is a marriage gift which is utterly a divine injection from bride to groom. It is obligatory for a husband to give mahr to his wife. It is an essential part of the marriage ceremony and the husband takes responsibility for his wife. In the Quran, Allah says about Mahr.

“And give the women (on marriage) their mahr as a (nikah) free gift.” (Quran 4:4)

When to be paid?

The Mehr is paid to the wife from her husband in the form of cash, property, or any other thing. In Islam, it is an amount or a gift. because its criteria are not as a law in Islam but according to norms and values of society people decide worth. Mahr date is also not fixed it may be paid immediately after nikah or it is deferred to any other date. Paying mahr in Islam is compulsory for a husband to his wife. and if it is not paid then in case of death or divorce it’s due to the husband. The wife can claim it because it’s her Islamic right. In another verse Allah says:

“So for that pleasure which you have enjoyed from them, give them their prescribed compensation.” [Noble Quran 4:24]

“…All others have been made lawful for you provided you seek (them in marriage) with your property.” [Noble Quran 4:24]

Maximum and minimum limit of mahr:

Mahr in Islam is compulsory but for those who are poor and they want to fulfill their wish of marriage than about mahr for poor Our Holy Prophet ﷺ said:

“Search for something, even if it is just a ring made from iron.” [Bukhari & Muslim]

Mahr has no maximum limit and no minimum requirement in Holy Quran Allah says about mahr.

“And if you wish to replace a wife with another and you have given one of them a heap of gold.do not take anything from it. Would you take it as a fraud and a clear sin?” [Noble Quran 4:20]

Mahr should be a gift, not a burden:

Mahr should be reasonable which is bearable for men and benefit women in the future. and mahr should be a gift, not a burden which will create harmony and love between newly wedded couple. In a Hadith Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said:

‘the best woman is the one whose mahr is the easiest to pay.’ (al-Haythami, Kitab an-Nikah 4:281).

Mahr (dowry) is necessary to create love and trust in the new relationship between husband and wife. if you are getting married sooner then you must decide on a beautiful gift (mahr) for your wife with mutual consent of you both. Follow the path of Allah it will surely lead you towards Jannah.

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