Fasting becomes hard in summer, and even harder for those who work outside.  But there are few things which are only performed in Ramadan Fasting and its Awesomeness cannot be realized. Understanding of completing one task performed during Ramadan gives a boost of confidence to shine in the next and as a result more taqwa is pumped in our souls. Let’s ask question from ourselves “Mariam (you), you are doing great; and yes, you are better than this”.

Super Fasting:

In summer Super Fasting Inputs is the next level of fasting. During the day heat avails all the relief of our movements and gives us exhaustion and extreme thirst. That’s why it is said “Super Fasting” instead of ‘fasting’. All inputs to our bodies are strictly monitored which includes eyes, ears and feelings along with our mouths. Fasting remind us while browsing that mute button should be pressed when the music comes up, we should not lie with anyone, take more care of all around ourselves  and keep ourselves away from our partners during the day.

In other words, all senses in our bodies are fasting as well and this is really awesome that one is able to strictly monitor his/her senses and stay calm while intentionally depriving physical needs just for the sake of Allah which is really very great.

Super Fasting Outputs is just monitoring of our output devices that is how they fast with us. Throughout the day whole body parts including tongue and limbs keep working for us. When anyone even makes a small mistake, the hunger, thirst and exhaustion act as facilitators to explode a flame in us. And it’s really a miracle when we control our anger and let our hands and tongue work in the good direction by showing good behavior. Obeying Allah endlessly and to be specific, developing taqwa (Qur’an 2:183))?

By bouncing and twisting our souls with patience in challenging moments by being a good Muslim is truly very cool and awesome.


Blessings of Iftar:

Iftar is another delight of fasting with few dates and some water will make it forget that it’s Ramadan. After maghrib prayer, its feel so light and normal, ehich forgets the tiredness of whole fasted day and a light dinner also makes Isha prayers as well as traveeh much more active. After a exhausting sunny day Allah magically makes us normal and calm which is incredible cool.

Taraweeh Prayer:

Praying Taraweeh (the night prayer) was also not in one’s routine and one cannot even think that they would go for an extra mile to pray nawafil regularly. But during Ramadan, taraweeh is prayed actively in a time reserved for friends and hobbies in regular days. Through traweeh one lift their selves from being an average worshiper to an one excellence which is more than tremendous.

Praying Witr was hardly an option before Ramadan. Ramadan teaches us the two (sunnah) ways of praying witr a longed with lots of duas. One raised their hands to ask something from Allah, they asked so much that it kicks back a feeling of being a helpless needy servant in front of Allah. In Ramadan one realized his/her real status in front of Allah at least for a month in a whole year.

These acts of ours in Ramadan when Allah said that He  is looking out to answer His servant’s prayers? are amazing. Allah wants to dip us in His Blessings and Mercy in this month. The choice is all ours. Let’s shift the gear to push ourselves to the next level of worship, in sha Allah.

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