If you have just reverted to Islam and are feeling worried about what to expect, here are some Ramadan Tips for New Reverts to help through the initial anxieties Insha’Allah.

  • Dua Dua Dua:

 If you feel that no one understands what you are going through, then know that Allah does! So cry out to Him, asking Him to make things easy. With His help, you can move mountains and reach your goals with ease. Place your worries in His hands and free your mind and heart from the emotional and physical burdens you might be facing. Allah is beyond any assessment and His help is beyond anything you can ever imagine. Make use of all the special times when duas are accepted. tips for new

  • Pray: 

Prayer can erase scars and heal wounds you never even knew existed. Pray to get an emaan high. It’s the most amazing way to spend time during Ramadan. Apart from receiving amazing blessings from your Lord, you will also learn to control nafs, making the whole process of Ramadan sweeter and rewarding Insha’Allah.

  • Learn: 

When you learn something, it becomes familiar, in turn making it easier for you to follow and comprehend. A science theory might make no sense at all, but if you spend some time studying it, it becomes easier to grasp the concept. When you learn more about the blessed month of Ramadan, it’ll be much easier for you to utilize it in the best possible manner. tips for new

  • You Are Never Alone: 

Surround yourself with support groups that teach you about Islam which will make your worries and struggles a lot easier, rather than battling them all by yourself. If you find no one, always remember, you have Allah with you all the time. 

  • Don’t Feel Shy to Take Part in Iftar Gatherings: 

If your Muslim friends or family invite you for iftaar, go for it. No! You are not going to be a burden on them and you don’t have to feel shy either. It’s a nice way to spend time and learn more about this beautiful religion. What better way to spend the month of Ramadan than indulging in conversations that revolve around Islam and Allah. Angels gather in places where people come to seek knowledge.  tips for new

  • It Is Okay If You Falter Once In A While: 

If you feel you’re not living up to the challenges and goals you set for yourself, it’s okay; you need to relax. Allah rewards you for your intentions and He does not overburden you more than what you can take. So don’t overburden yourself with expectations that are too high to attain. Continue doing small consistent deeds, even if it means reciting half a page of the Quran a day.

Dear sister or brother, In Islam Allah, sees the tears and the struggles you made for this religion, and none of it, absolutely none of it will go wasted. Instead, every single hardship you face with patience will be rewarded with generous bounties that no human can understand. He will give you from places unknown and will make your pathway to Jannah easier Insha’Allah.

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