Matrimonial services are great services as they perform the task of establishing and staring a very beautiful relationship between two Muslims. Decades back the work of Muslim marriages was done by the parents of Muslim families. but know these services become a demand of age as nobody have time to search.

These agencies help Muslims to fulfill their need of partner. Islam has a proper code of conduct for each and every work and setup. and as long as these matrimonial services continue on their work according to Islamic way and in a tolerate manner without humiliation of human beings their work which they are doing is Halal.

Matrimonial services should protect the rights of people, their dignity and honor. People provide their personal data to these services and it is their duty to protect the data of their applicant. It is duty of a good Muslim matrimonial service that they should deal some basic issues which are related to age, education, family setup and profession.


In ancient times normally families lives together in the form of community. So there was nothing difficulty to search for proper mate. but now large number of people are migrating towards different countries. so they found it difficult to search for their mate and they contact to these sites.

Nikah Halal is one the best Muslims matrimonial site and Alhamdulilah it is giving its best. It helps single Muslims who do not find their match easily to get married. In Quran Allah says:

“Help marry those among you who are single, or the virtuous ones among your captives, male or female: if they are in poverty, Allah will give them means out of His grace: for Allah encompasses all, and He knows all things.” (al-Nur 24:32)

Helping Muslims in their marriages is a great blessing and forums like Nikah Halal should be encouraged and followed. May Allah help us to do this dead of blessing with great care. (Ameen)

A Successful marriage requires falling in love again and again with the same person. We aim to help you find your PERFECT SOULMATE: Register here for FREE 🙂

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