Islam has given freedom of choice to those who wish to get married. The mutual choice of spouses is given the highest consideration. Islam does not allow anyone to be forced into a marriage.

“Do not prevent them from marrying their husbands when they agree between themselves in a lawful manner.”(Quran 2:232)

Process of selecting a spouse:

The process of spouse selection should be a method of a healthy balance between the freedom of choice and consideration of the influence and approval of their parents. and freedom of choice of those who wish to get married should not rule the influence and approval of the parents. 

Nor should the parents ignore the wishes and consent of the spouses to be.

After the age of teen, a male who is baligh and sane has full rights to decide about his own marriage. If a father refuses the proposal of a suitable man for no valid reason, then the religious judge can override this decision.

Marriage is a union between two people and their families. However, It is important for parents to understand the needs of their children. and give them the freedom to be with suitable spouses of their choice.

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) recommended:

“When one of you seeks a woman in marriage, and then if he is able to have a look at whom he wishes to marry, let him do so.”(Abu Dawood)

Falling in love is not a pre-condition for marriage in Islam. The would-be-spouses are allowed to see or talk to each other within Islamic limits. Forced marriages are against Islam and they pose a danger to your children’s future.

“No man has the right to be in the privacy with a woman who is not lawful for him. Satan is their third party unless there is a mahram.”

(Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W))

ALLAH’s most high will grant us all for whom we may wish! As ALLAH says in Quran:

“And we created you in pairs”. (Quran 78:8)

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