Have you ever imagined or thought about determining whether your marriage is healthy or good? There isn’t any test or a thermometer that will tell you about it. So, how do people come to know about it?

Some people don’t actually know what their determining factors are or what about their spouse. They think things are working fine the way they are but maybe it’s not the same with their spouse too. Some people judge that if I am happy then our relationship is good or healthy. Generally, people think that if my spouse is with me in my hard times then we must be having a good marriage.

Some think that if we have children, our own house and money to spend. and all their goals. Then their marriage is a good thing.   little changes

Most people determine their marriage to be happy with the combination of feelings and behaviors of both the partners. Some people just feel good in being loved by their spouse and give the same amount of love in return.and don’t go for little changes. One should also find out their spouse’s thoughts about healthy marriage or what satisfies him/her about marriage. There might be a slight difference between men and women’s thinking as both feel things in different ways.

Ask your spouse about the current state of your marriage and never let your spouse agree on less than what they want. Set your goals and then discuss them with your spouse to make your marriage beautiful and make little changes. Keep communicating with your spouse about the state of your marriage and how you can make adjustments to make it healthy.  little changes

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