Marriage is a beautiful relationship that encompasses your whole life. A healthy marriage helps you to build a strong home and happy family. The husband-wife bond is the base of this whole happy-family paradigm but sometimes you may feel that it’s not working…it’s not working at all. Some creepy things are growing into your relationship. There is a space developing in between you rather than love. What’s the solution then? Breakup!!!

No. All you need at such times is just a BREAK. If you think that getting together is not working then give a Breakup to yourself and your partner. Let’s elaborate that what step to take and how should it work for you and your marriage.

Let your relation BREATHE!!

Maybe you are getting suffocated in some way into this relationship and not able to recognize the reason. Let your relation breathe; it’s necessary. Give space and time to each other so that both of you can calm down, relax, think wisely, and get back the energy to continue your marriage in a calmer way.

Make sure that It’s a wise step:

Marriage is the way full of ups and downs. Taking a break is not the opted method all the time where you can tackle things easily by discussing with your partner, going for a vacation with family, arranging a good dinner or any other method that will work for you. Taking a Break is the right method only when any other method would not work. So, you should know WHEN to do WHAT??? and make sure that the ultimate goal in the back of your mind should be to strengthen your relationship anyway.

Willingly not forcefully:

If you decide to take a break then discuss it with your partner first. If he /she agrees to your idea and then go ahead. Maybe they don’t want to get away from you at that certain time. Maybe they have any other idea that can lessen the stress between you. Respect the idea and willingness of your partner. It will surely make things easier.

Take a Short Break, not long:

As some old wisdom words say “distance makes the heart grow fonder”, the long term ‘break’ is the short way to ‘break up’. The effective ‘breaks’ are those short periods ‘break’, which only make a couple longing for each other and reminds the importance of your partner in your life

There’s no specific duration of a successful ‘break’ though, as it mainly depends on a couple’s personal needs and nature.  For those who experienced a successful ‘break’, the acceptable period never passes a week or so. Each couple is of a different nature, so you will decide on your own what will work best for you.

A Pause, not separation:

While taking a break, keep reminding yourself that it’s just a temporary stop to think clearly and quietly. The ultimate goal is to REVIVE your marriage not to END it. So, never ignore your partner even when you are away. Keep in touch with each other and let your partner realize that you are not ANGRY, you just need a pause. The marital relation should resume in a healthy and lovable manner.

Hopefully, this article will help you if you are facing problems with your marriage. Just remember, your life partner is the most important PART OF YOU; so never let it off. Make yourself sure that whatever you do to make your marriage work should boost the charm of this beautiful relationship. All it needs is your love and effort.

Have a lovely marriage life. May Allah put His barakah between every married couple. Ameen!

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