In light of modern-day, what is marriage? What does it mean? Marriage is the contract made by a man and a woman to live as husband and wife. Marriage is Sunnah for all Muslims and this is important in Islam that we engaged the couple for a lifetime. Couples are made by Allah in heaven but are joined on earth. After that, the marriage should be arranged with the rules of Sunnah. But nowadays there is nothing in marriages that relates to Sunnah.

Today we are following the traditions that are not in our religion. A completely different culture of marriages is nowadays. Couples sign the contract whenever they want unless they leave their partners and move on. Our religion Islam promotes shyness and reserved behavior it disapproves of boldness in terms of going against the teachings of Islam.

The Prophet said:

 ”If you have no shame, then do as you please”.

Purpose of Marriage

The purpose of marriage in Islam is to bring a Muslim man and Women into a legal relationship with each other for life and produces offspring. This system automatically discourages illegal relations in society and reduces adultery. Muslim marriage should be simple. The Islamic way of marriage is to do the nikkah of the man and women with their consent. and then do a simple dinner/lunch called Walima to announce the wedding.

Superfluous Ideographs in Modern Marriages

Now a day’s unnecessary ideographs in modern marriages are very common in every home and country which is wrong and prohibited in our Islam and religion. Late night music and ceremonies are a waste of time. Sexuality before marriages is increasing nowadays. These objects fewer things are gradually being introduced in Islamic Cultures which is destroying our new generation’s mind and life. To save Muslims from wrongdoings Allah made nikah compulsory.

“Praise to be Allah who made marriages a noble and tradition in Islam and a barrier between Halal and Haram”.

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