The most important decision usually people make is who to marry and choose the right spouse. So, It takes more than love to make a successful marriage. Because marriage is one of the most recommended acts in Islam.

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) says:

“The person who marries, safeguards half of his religion.”

Freedom of Choice for Muslims:

Above all, Islam has given freedom of choice to those who wish to get married. The mutual choice of the groom and bride is of the highest consideration. Islam does not allow anyone to be forced into a marriage. Marriage is recommended for partners who want to share a common way of life.

Normally the criteria for selecting a matrimonial spouse are many such as wealth, job rank, beauty, compatibility, cast, education, character, etc. But the Quran enjoins Muslims to select partners who are good and pure.

“Women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity.”

(Quran 24:26)

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) recommended Muslims to select those partners who are best in religion and morality.

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) says:

“Do not choose a wife for her wealth or beauty. Her wealth will cause her rebellion, and her beauty will cause her corruption. You must consider her faith and religiousness for marriage.”

[Mustadrak al-Vasa’il, On Marriage Ch. 13]

Find the Right Spouse:

Islam has given freedom of choice to those who wish to get married. Because the mutual choice of the spouses is given the highest consideration.

“Do not prevent them from marrying their husbands when they agree between themselves in a lawful manner.”

(Quran 2:232)

Imam Jafar as sadiq said:

“Do not marry the one you love, love the one you marry.”

This shows that true love grows after marriage and falling in love is not a pre-condition for marriage in Islam. However, for the purpose of selecting an appropriate spouse, the two people involved are allowed to see and talk to each other within Islamic boundaries.

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said:

“When one of you seeks a woman in marriage, and then if he is able to have a look at whom he wishes to marry, let him do so.”

(Abu Dawood).

So, the process selection of spouses should be a function of a healthy balance between the freedom of choice of the spouses and consideration of the influence and consent of the parents.

“A woman may be married for four reasons: for her property, for her rank, for her beauty, and for her religion (and character),

So marry the one who is best in the religion and character and prosper.”

(Bukhari and Muslim)

It is the responsibility of the Muslim community to help those who are seeking marriage in fulfilling half of their faith. So, To all those who are single and are finding it hard to select the right spouse, seek help from ALLAH SWT to get married. Make dua to ALLAH for the right spouse as a pious husband or wife who will be a blessing for you, your family insha’Allah.

ALLAH SWT always knows BEST!

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