Trust in marriage is basically the most important factor in building an intimate relationship between husband and wife. It is frequently thrown around in marriage as an attempt to control situations and make things “safe” for oneself. It is really more about oneself than it is the other person. Trust is found in the integrity of oneself and others.

At lower levels of growing up in relationships, trust is a better-termed dependency.

Trust in marriage has a special place. Unlike other relationships that tend to require more time and patience for trust to develop, the one between a man and a woman naturally escalates quickly and strongly. Marriage is the closest bond that one can have with another person. It is one where two people share their joys, their sorrows, their desires, their goals, their highs, and their lows with each other. The support, patience, beauty, and peace that one finds in marriage are unmatched with any other relationship. A relationship built on the foundation of trust and loyalty will blossom into the most beautiful emotion we can experience.

Harun Yahya once said :

“Someone who loves his or her spouse for their belief and character will, in married life, be respectful, loyal, and decent. Losing one’s youth, health, or beauty will not affect the love and consideration among spouses for each other, and neither will losing one’s wealth or social status.”

Thus real love between a husband and wife does not rest on material or superficial factors. No matter the circumstance, one should always remain loyal to their partner.

Trust is one thing that takes a long time to build and a very short time to destroy. Be careful about how you treat each other. Many people wrongly believe that in a good marriage you can relax and not have to monitor everything you say and do. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In a good marriage, you must always be monitoring your behavior. This is the key to building a strong relationship and trust.

“There cannot be peace where there is no trust; there cannot be freedom where there is not loyalty”.

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