The word that is used for a Marriage Ceremony in Islam is Nikah. In Nikah Marriage Ceremony, There are no specific conditions that have to be fulfilled at the time of Nikah Ceremony by the Imam. As it is described in Islam teachings, Way to nikah is the way to Jannah. Some Imam recite the Surah Fatiyah and the Darood Sharif. The marriage contract and certificate are filed at the masjid and the copy of these certificate are kept in masjid and the local government.

The Nikah marriage ceremony ends with the dua for the couple by the families and relatives of both bride and the groom. Then after the nikah, the bride and groom sit together for the first time. Then at the end, bride and groom return to the Grooms home and the rasam of Rukhsati is executed after the ceremony. The father of the bride holds her daughter hand to the groom hand by requesting him to take care of her daughter. The Mother of the groom holds the Quran on the head of the bride because she is entering in the groom’s house for the first time after marriage.

Normally, Muslim marriage is arranged by the parents with the mutual understanding of the bride and the groom. In Islam, it is considered Sunnah to get married.

The finest commitment between the bride and groom is the only Nikah which will assure them that they have to live together forever. As it is described in Islam teachings, Way to Nikah can be the way to peace forever. The bride and the groom understands the agreement and both of them have to be agreed upon it. Mostly persons consider Nikah as a correct way of fulfilling one’s desire.

There are numerous advantages of nikah which includes physical, moral, spiritual many others. The most important it is been considered as the Sunnah of Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). In mostly hadiths it is stated that Nikah is the Sunnah of Prophet and also mentioned that whoever disobeys his Sunnah he/she is not among from Muslims. Bride and groom becomes the soul-mate of each other to share their problems and happiness together for the whole life, it all because of the result of nikah.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once said about the value of nikah

“The person who marries has completed half of his faith. So let him beware of Allah about the other half.”

Nikah is considered as an act of worship. It is considered as honorable that nikah is done in the masjid. Nikah Ceremony is considered as both social and religious act. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) considered simple marriage ceremony as the finest marriages as Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

“The best marriage ceremony is that where a minimum problems and expense is bestowed”.

The Nikah contract turns the two unknown persons into a known person as a husband and wife. This contract will continue throughout their lives. The way to nikah brings you closer towards Jannah.


Nikah, meaning of this word is to come together and to engage. Therefore, Nikah is performed by the mutual agreement of both bride and groom that is to accept them as partners for the whole life. Both of them have clear about their duties and responsibilities which they have to fulfill in any condition. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“The nikah is my Sunnah”,

means that getting married and performing the nikah is not just a legal formality, but also an important example of the Prophet. This fact does not detract from the importance of the act of getting married, but it clarifies that a person who is not able to get married has not committed a sin.

Way to Nikah brings you to get blessings of Allah. In Islam, it considered that when a man and woman signed the nikah contract, they are considered as husband and wife. It is allowable to delay the ritual of rukhsati with no exact date and time as long as they both of them agreed that this is the right for them to perform that ritual.

In the Nikah, Imam asked the bride and groom about the willingness of Nikah which shows that without the willingness of both, the nikah is invalid. As Quran says:

“O you who believe! You are not permitted to inherit women by force” (4:19).

In Nikah ceremony a man and woman accepted each other as husband and wife. Nikah is considered as the holy act of worship. It is not compulsory to have nikah in mosque as religious ceremony. It’s all about one’s choice. It is compulsory for men and women to sit separate before the nikah ceremony because it is not allowed in Islam.

Way to Nikah protects you from many sins. Nikah is the mutual agreement between both husband and wife. The groom gives mehr as a confirmation of his responsibility to his bride. Things that are important in the nikah are the physical existence of the bride’s Father/Wali, a written marriage contract which is duly signed by bride, groom and witnesses, an Imam. This Nikah agreement documents are kept in the masjid and listed in the local government.

“And give the women (on marriage) their mehr as a (nikkah) free gift.” [Quran 4:4]

Way to Nikah is a commitment between bride and groom. As mentioned in Quran and Sunnah that Mehr must be part of the marriage contract. It can be anything depends upon the groom’s choice. Mostly it is in the form of money or any property. There is no specific quantity for mehr.

“And give the women their dowries as a free gift, but if they are pleased to offer you any of it accept it with happiness and with wholesome pleasure.” [Quran 4:4]

There is a choice for groom to pay the mehr before marriage or at the time of marriage or later date as decided with his bride. The mehr can even be suspended open-endedly. But, it will convert due directly in the case of separation or passing off. The extent and procedure of expense is written into a marriage contract which is signed by the bride, groom and their witnesses. All over the world Muslim’s Men and Women join their hands in Way to Nikah Muslim Marriages through Nikah Halal Muslim Matrimonial Website.

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