Marriage is a very important and joyful time in every person’s life. According to the sunnah, a marriage ceremony should be just an hour long. Starting with the Nikah event, where the consent of bride is asked by the Imam verbally and then the signature on nikah nama. A nikah nama is a legal document that has the signatures of the witnesses and the couple. Now in our society it is very common that the bride is not allowed to read her own nikah namma. She is expected to blindly sign on that document without reading it.

And in many cases the page in the nikah namma where the right of “khulaa” (A women right to take divorce from her husband) is often marked with a pen. Muslim women do not care to read their nikah nama. Because they groomed like this since forever. Even those families which are quite literate do the same thing and their literate daughters don’t even bother to read it. It never occurred in their minds, their mother didn’t so why would they? It comes as a family trait now.



To some extent the parents, should provide awareness to their daughters about their legal rights and duties in their marriage. Muslim women are blamed too, the contract on which you are signing consists of many pages which are for reading. So, don’t excited and sign it all, take some time and read it so you should be fully aware of your rights and also the duties. Also in this context the imam’s should provide guidance to the bride too, he should read out the entire form to the bride or maybe explain in some limited amount of time.

Reading the nikah nama is not at the first preferences in our shaadi these days. Because The society transformed the concept. It is a serious matter and as a Muslim the women  should be aware of their duties, responsibilities, rights and obligations. All of them assigned to right after they sign the Nikah nama. Reading the nikah nama and properly understands it ,should be the first preference of a bride.

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