The highest dominant feature in making a friendly connection between wife and husband is Trust. For growing up the relationship, in the beginning, trust in marriage is the most valuable term. Hazrat Ali (RA) says: “The best of belief is trustworthiness, and the worst of manners is betrayal.”

Hazrat Haroon Yahya once said: “Someone who loves his or her spouse for their belief and character will, in married life, be respectful, loyal, and decent. Losing one’s youth, health, or beauty will not affect the love and consideration among spouses for each other, and neither will losing one’s wealth or social status.”

Here I gave u some tips regarding Trust in Marriage:

  1. Promise with your own self that you will never hurt your spouse and always be honest with him/her.
  2. Ask your spouse what he/she wants to gain his/her trust.
  3. Try to share each and everything with your spouse.
  4. You can get angry, upset, and irritated with each other but what’s matters are how fast you resolve and bounce back to normal.
  5. Don’t lie with your spouse. It will create huge problems.
  6. Be responsible for your duties.
  7. Remember your promises always and try to fulfill them on time.
  8. Always listen to your spouse and give your pure attention.
  9. Provide that way to your spouse will help them to gain your trust.
  10. Be actual and real.
  11. Be frank in the discussion.
  12. Always ignore your spouse’s mistakes and forgive his/her.
  13. Organize a plan to make your spouse happy and special.
  14. Don’t lose your patience.
  15. Show your feelings to your spouse that you love his/her till his/her death.
  16. Bounding and maintaining trust in marriage between each other is the responsibility of both.

Hazrat Baqir (RA) says: “There are three things that God did not exempt anyone from doing. Returning the trusts and keeping your pledges to the good and the evil-doers alike, and being good and merciful towards parents regardless of their being good or not.”

Efforts to gain trust in marriage:

The two persons after marriage become the one. Your partner has good intentions for you. Hence, you should always make efforts to gain the trust of your spouse. Always respect the feelings and trust of your spouse and never ever take it for granted because if you lose it once, you will never gain it again.

“A marriage without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in it as long as you want but it won’t go anywhere.” Unknown

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