Divorce is the most hated acceptable thing in the sight of Allah. It dissolves families and deprives children from the family atmosphere.

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said:

“The most hateful permissible thing (al-Halal) in the sight of Allah is divorce.” (Abu Dawud, Hadith 1863, Ibn Majah, Hadith 2008).

The spouses should avoid divorce as much as possible. If they have difficulties, they should be patient and forgiving. They have to try to work out their differences and seek help from their relatives, friends, family and professional counselors.

But sometimes there does arise a situation where differences become so pronounced that it becomes necessary to separate this relationship In Islam the separation between spouses is called Divorce. It says that both a man and women have an equal right to it. The main difference is that a man divorces a woman while a woman demands a divorce from her husband.


“If they disagree and must part, Allah (The God) will provide abundance for all from His all reaching bounty. For Allah is He who cares for all and is wise.” (Quran sura 4, aya 130)

Process of Divorce:

The legal term of divorce in Islam is “Talaq”. The process of Talaq consists of many components which are essential to the proper and valid breakage of a marital bond. As part of this complex processes, the Quran prescribes that, if a man decides to break the relationship with his wife he should call two men of justice to witness his action.

“And take for witnesses. Two persons from among you, endued with justice. And establish the evidence.” (Quran sura 65, aya 2)

Husband must never divorce his wife in order to bring harm upon her without reasons. Is is also forbidden for a woman to ask for a talaq without a sensible reason.

Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said:

“Any woman who asks her husband to divorce her without an acceptable reason will never smell the scent of Paradise.”

It must be remembered that divorce has multiple affects on their own self, (later not getting a good spouse easily, and for women, not even remarriage at all) but also on children who get hanged between father and mother. It may be long and permanent separation between two attached families.

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