Men and women enjoy equal privileges in Islam. In a person’s life marriage is very crucial and sensitive decision. Without the consent of woman marriage is invalid (Haram) it is a great tiding given to Muslim women. Hence it is essential to take approval from the woman before creating or confirming her marriage bond by the parents, guardian or any member of family.
15 centuries after the advent of Islam, we still witness several uneducated families are following self-invented philosophies of their dynasties. They don’t bother to ask women before choosing their spouse. This kind of neglect results in lots of problems in their own families later on. It also causes grievances in the society which consequently leads to a pitiable end of marriage as both partners can’t regulate with each other.
Marriage of a girl who has not become an adult is allowed without her asking her permission. But once she becomes an adult, she reserves all the rights to terminate the relationship of marriage.
It was a usual practice before Islam to subjugate the woman after the death of her husband. This practice has been prohibited by Islam. In backward areas and remote communities of subcontinent, killing a woman when her husband dies is still prevailing. This vicious custom is known as ‘Karo Kaari’. In those areas a widow woman is thought out to be a curse. Residents of these areas should be given complete insight of Islam where women are still repressed in effect to those incorrect and inhumane customs resembling Hinduism. Women’s consent should be made a priority.
In the Holy Quran Allah (SWT) says a Muslim man is prohibited to take over a woman without her consent, and he’s not allowed to treat her with ruggedness.

Guardians, Parents or family members have the responsibility to take a girl in confidence before deciding her future. It is essential so that a girl can express her consent openly to the family. In our culture many women are forced to agree with the decision taken by the elders of the family though they don’t want to marry someone but the fear of denunciation makes them show their positive consent. It is important to spread awareness among the women about the rights that Islam has given to them. If a woman is not happy with the decision taken by her family she reserves the right to speak instead of ruining her entire life. As silence accounts for approval.
Abu Huraira (R.A) narrates a hadith which says that Muhammad (peace be upon him) said an old woman or a matron should be asked for her consent before giving her in marriage and a virgin should only be given in marriage after taking her approval.
Sahaba (R.A) asked about how to take her approval.
Muhammad (peace be upon him) said her silence accounts for her permission.
(Book number 62, Hadith number 67)
The woman who had been married before is a matron. To ask her consent is equally important as to ask a virgin’s consent before deciding her spouse.

There’s a hadith about a Muslim woman whose father gave her in marriage without taking her permission and she did not like her husband. She asked from Prophet (peace be upon him) and he stated their marriage to be unacceptable.
(Book number 62, Hadith number 69)

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