Simplicity is key to a successful and healthy life.

Simplicity doesn’t mean that you are poor, nor it depicts you are needy. We forget simplicity, especially at our weddings. The wedding is the start of a new phase of life, and it should be according to the teachings of the Quranic and Sunnah. But nowadays it’s common to waste money on lavish weddings.

People invite many people to weddings and waste half of their investment in catering. So it’s better to spend this money on the poor and on the needy.

As its hadith (Muhammad ﷺ said):

“Will you not listen? Will you not listen? Will you not listen? Verily simplicity is a part of Imaan. Verily simplicity is a part of Imaan. Verily simplicity is a part of Imaan” (Abu Dawood).

The above quote will surely show how important simplicity is in life. A recent statistical survey shows the cheaper the wedding is and stronger it will remain. So spend less money getting married and more effort in healthy married life.

Pre-marriage Sins are getting common nowadays because of our rich wedding tradition.

Tips to make Weddings Simple:

There are some tips to make your wedding less costly and simpler:
• Just write down all the particulars you need.

• Cut down the desires from the list and just make it the list of requirements.

• Wedding cost must be paid by the bride and groom. themselves so that they came to know how hard it to earn.

Nikkah ceremony must perform as per Sunnah.

• Give the money to the poor and let your new phase start with a bundle of warm wishes.

We should add integrity in all aspects of life, especially on wedding occasions. Spend wisely so you can pass the test hereafter.
May ALLAH save us from wrongdoings and lead us to the right path.

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