As a Muslim we all know that in Islam, Marriage (Way to Nikah) is an agreement between the man and a woman. Both of them have an individual role in their marriage. The importance of Nikah in hadith is more as Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said

“The believers who show the most perfect faith are those who have the best disposition and the best of you are those who are best to their wives.” [Tirmidhi]

Islam has commanded both husband and wife that they have certain duties towards each other. Every woman dreams for a perfect husband and every man dreams for a perfect wife but they don’t realize that Allah created them to complete one another.

Nikah in Hadith:

As Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said

“The woman is the guardian of her husband’s house and is responsible for it.” (Bukhari)

The husband’s first priority is his wife and his wife’s trust is most important among all things. Wife have to maintain husband trust always. Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said

“Best among you, are the best for their wives, and I am the best of you for my wives.” (Tirmidhi)

Our religion Islam shows the importance of woman. Because as a daughter, girl opens an entrance of jannah for her father. And being a wife, she completes half religion of her husband and above all as a mother, paradise lies under her feet. Our last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said

“Any woman who dies while her husband is pleased with her, she will enter Jannah.” (At-Tirmidhi)


The most important thing that women must understand as a muslim is the worth of respect for men. Being a Muslim wife, she quotes that my husband may not be perfect but he is perfect for me. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“The most perfect Muslim in the matter of faith is one who has excellent behavior; and the best among you are those who behave best towards their wives.” (Tirmidhi)

So, when partners look each other with love than actually they are gaining the mercy of Allah. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“When a husband and wife gaze at each other with love, Allah send mercy on them.” [Sahih Bukhari 6:19]

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