The concept of “Dating” in any society is very common now-a-days.It can now easily seen in an Islamic society too. Dating a person and not committing marriage is a sinful concept in its own self.

Marriage is a respectful relationship. According to the teachings of Islam when a person is finding a marriage partner he/she should keep a few important points in his/her mind.

Important points in Finding a Marriage partner:

  • He/she must consult with their parents or guardians. so that they can proceed further.
  • When a good match is found, a little inquiry order to find compatibility including their habits, character etc.
  • If they are satisfied then the boy/girl can meet (NOT alone) in the presence of their relatives. because their consent matters the most.
  • Even if a boy/girl is interested in marrying a person, they should go directly to their parents.


If parents are finding it hard to find a suitable wife/husband for their son/daughter (through their contacts). then they continue to inquire from friends, the Imam, persons in the community or even distant relatives.

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Finding a Marriage partner

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