1.Treat Each Wife Uniformly:

For a person who has more than one wife, it is compulsory for him to treat each one uniformly. Anything he gives to one wife, the other wife also has the right to claim something equal to that in value. The equality rule applies to all kinds of wives. For instance, whether both were virgins at the time of marriage, both were previously married or one was a virgin at the time of marriage while the other had been previously married. If he spends one night with one wife, he will have to spend one night with the other wife also. If he spends two or three nights with one wife, he will have to perform the same with the other wife. Whatever wealth, jewelry, clothes, etc. he gives to one wife, the further wife also has the right to claim something equal to that in worth.

2. Equal Rights for all:

A person who marries a second woman, the rights of this new wife, and the rights of the old wife are equal. There is no difference in rights between the new and the old one.

3. Balance time for all:

Equality depends upon spending the night and it is not compulsory to spend equal time with them during the day. If a person spends more time with one wife during the day and less time with the other, there is no harm in this. Moreover, it is compulsory to spend equal time with them at night. If a person goes to one wife instantly after maghrib, the next day he goes to the other wife after isha, he will be sinning. However, if a person’s occupation is such that he works at night and remains at home during the day; for him, the basis of equality will be the day. For example, a night watchman or guard will have to base his equality with his wives according to the day and not the night.

4. There is no equality in engaging in sexual intercourse in the sense that if a person engages in sexual intercourse with one wife, it is not necessary for him to engage in sexual intercourse with the other wife as well.

5. The man has to maintain equality in spending nights with his wives irrespective of whether he is ill or not.

6. There is no sin in loving one wife more than the other because these issues are connected to the heart and one does not have any control over one’s heart.

7. Equality is not compulsory when embarking on a trip. The husband can take whichever wife he wishes. However, it is preferable to cast a lot and to take the wife in whose favor the lot was drawn. By doing so there will be no sorrow or dissatisfaction.

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