Marriage is a great blessing. Sometimes there arises a situation when it seems difficult to continue this relationship. Nikah is a symbol of peace, love, compassion, and tranquility but it may also turn into pain, suffering, and distress due to misunderstandings or any other reasons. At this stage, it is suitable for both parties to separate peacefully because no one wants to live in continuous pain, suffering, and distress. This separation is called divorce. Although this option should be used as a last resort. divorce in Islam

The first step is parties should try to resolve their disputes through dialogue. If the problem persists they should involve elder members of their families to arbitrate because the decision of divorce affects not only concerned parties but also their families.  divorce in Islam

And if all other options failed then divorce should be used as a last option. Quran says,

“The parties should either hold together on equitable terms, or Separate with kindness.” (Surah al-Baqarah, 2:229).

Conditions of Divorce:

Separation may be offered by a husband or wife. If it is from the husband it is called talaq. He may pronounce it either in verbal or written form. When it is offered by wife it has two types. In the first case, the wife seeks khula but in this way, she has to remit her dower. In the next second case, she may file a petition in court for a divorce. So, In this situation, she has to prove in court that her husband does not fully fill his responsibilities.

After divorce, she has to spend a period of three months in iddat. but if she is pregnant in that case her iddah ends at delivery. During the period of iddat, she may live in the home of her husband but they have to sleep in a separate room. This period is allowed for reconciliation because some decisions may be taken in haste.

Hence in this way parties are allowed to think in a calm and peaceful environment whether they really want to separate. So, if reconciliation does not take place during this period then divorce becomes final.

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